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Arizona Window Manufacturers

Arizona Glass Manufacturing Companies for Windows and Doors

Biggest Arizona Glass Production Facilities

When it comes to the biggest Arizona Glass Production Companies you will run into many nationwide corporations or businesses that operate in multiple states. These companies often import most of their glass from other countries where it is cheaper to produce but the quality is still held high to American standards. Some big companies like Viracon who does more than 250 Million Dollars annually.  They have over 2000 employees and 4 huge facilities. When we compare them to the Arizona companies it makes our big companies seem small. Most local companies will get their glass from a local source like Tru-lite, Old Castle, Glaztech. These companies purchase a lot of their glass from the large companies that we mentioned before. A few other huge corporations that fit the list nationally are: Glassfab tempering Services, Solar Seal, GGI.

Local Glass Company Production Companies

When we take a look at some of the biggest producers of glass and insulated glass units we find GlazTech Industries to be our largest. Followed by Tru-Lite and Old Castle. Many local glass and mirror shops and glazing contractors will use one of those big three when it comes to flat glass, float glass, laminated and tempered units and common used glass. When whole windows or door systems come into play that enters another realm of window and door production companies which are different. In many cases window and door companies will order their glass from one of the big manufacturers.

Arizona Glass Fabrication Locations

Below are listed the 2 largest glass manufacturers that customers in Arizona might be looking for. Most people will have to contact a glass company to do the work. These companies are separate from the big manufacturers as they specialize in the installation of glass in homes and businesses. These companies will have business accounts at these large production facilities that normal people don’t have access to. When it comes to companies in Arizona cities that install glass there are many options. For those looking for a glass replacement company in Phoenix might try Valleywide Glass Replacement Company. If the customer is more in Northern Arizona like Payson, for example they might try glassmastersinc.com.

There are many types of contractors out there so depending on what your project needs and where you will be ordering the product or if you will have another contractor supply the product as well as the labor then you can do more research regarding that particular glass installation project.

5 essential tips on finding a professional and reliable local contractor

As a business owner, it can be tough managing all aspects of your company while staying focused on the purpose of your business. Placing a portion of your business into another’s hands can be tricky and sometimes very unsettling.

Here are five essential tips on finding a professional and reliable local contractor.

Tip #1: Outsource the Necessary Tasks

Outsourcing a contractor is a huge step for your business as knowing which tasks to outsource is a must. Be careful to stay in control over all aspects that makes your business. It is important to change certain aspects of the business to manage it properly.

If you plan to outsource from contractors, ask if they would be willing to take on more tasks in the future. Working with someone experienced in your business will save you time, money and effort.

Tip #2: Source Your Website

Once you’ve established your online presence, you can outsource a local contractor to manage all aspects of the website. Be sure that the domain is under YOUR name, not the designer, programmer, contractor or the one running your site. Never share unnecessary information with your contractor and registered yourself as the owner of the domain. Target the right industry. Are you targetting Movie Camera Rentals or Electricians?

Tip #3: Consider the Costs of Outsourcing Local Contractors

Many companies tend to outsource their tasks with the mindset of saving money. Be sure to save the projected amount of your plan along with time loss, adjustment and other factors in the system. Choosing a professional and reliable local contractor won’t come cheap. You can negotiate and draw a contract that provides all the details on legal fees and more.

Tip #4: Consider the reliable local contractor

As with more starting contractors, it will take time to adjust and select the right contractor that will fit your needs. Resist the urge to hire the first person you meet as rushing may lead to a wrong decision. Take the proper amount of time to compare each of their strengths and spend time looking around for other contractors.

Tip #5: Read their Reviews

When hiring a new contractor, some websites allow you to see their reviews and feedback. Consider these reviews when deciding on a contractor. If a contractor with a high rating and great feedback costs more, it should be worth it to pay the amount.

Consider these components to help you find a professional and reliable contractor that will help your business grow. Be sure that they provide the qualities you need in your team.

4 reasons why you should setup your company in Phoenix

Where you start your business adventure plays a crucial role in the future of your company. Starting in the right city can either set you up for success or a slow growth in performance. Let Phoenix, Arizona be the foundation of your business. With so many to offer entrepreneurs, here are four reasons why you should setup your company in Phoenix.

Professional Community

Most of the community comes from local colleges to 4-year universities all over Arizona including Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Grand Canyon University and more. More than a few hundreds of graduates enter Phoenix every year.

Strong Resources

If you decide to start your brand in Phoenix, there are plenty of resources to help set you on the right growth in Phoenix. From Great Phoenix Chamber of Commerce to Arizona SBA District, there are more than 40 business resources to choose from. While some may charge a fee, most are free of charge.

Great Climate

There are various industries that are involved in Phoenix. This includes biomedical medicine, aerospace, manufacturing companies, renewable energy, and business services. Phoenix is definitely a business-supportive environment that is sure to grow your company. Phoenix is also known to have generous tax credits for businesses big and small along with the lowest payroll in all urban regions.

Booming Population

As one of the nation’s fasting growing cities, Phoenix has a high potential of moving customers in the area. It is the 6th largest city in the US by population. Since the Great Recession, the strong industries in Phoenix such as tourism and retail have continued to rise in the economy.

Consider these four reasons to help you set your company on the right path towards success. Phoenix is the perfect place to get your businesses started.


The 3 largest businesses based in Arizona

Arizona is ranked as one of the top cities that include a variety of multiple industries including education, technology, energy control and waste management. If you’re looking for the top companies to work for in Arizona or simply want to find out which companies are among the top in Arizona. In this list, we’ve got the three largest businesses based in Arizona. We are not mentioning small businesses like an online glass store.

1. Banner Health


Founded in 1999, Banner Health has collaborated with Samaritan Health Systems and Lutheran Health Systems in North Dakota. With almost 40,000 employees in 2016, Banner Health is a non-profit health organization based in Phoenix. Banner Health continues to operate more than 20 hospitals nationwide. The health care system is rated at the top employer in Arizona.

2. Walmart Stores Inc.


For over 50 years, Walmart has turned into the largest retail corporation with over 300 million customers. With nearly 12,000 stores in over 28 countries worldwide, Walmart’s estimated revenue of 482 billion in 2016 alone. Today, Walmart has over 2 million employees across the globe – 75% in the United States alone.

3. Kroger Co.


The Kroger Company was founded in 1883 by Bernard Kroger. Kroger Co. has continued to be the nation’s largest market franchise estimating to over 110 billion in 2015. As second to the largest retailer, Kroger has locations in over 30 states in the forms of department stores, supermarkets and convenience stores. The Kroger Company also operates nearly 40 manufacturing facilities along with 2,000 drugstores.

Next in line in the highest-ranking companies in Arizona is the Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc., a mining company in Phoenix. The Republic services Inc. is also on the top list along with Insight, Pet Smart Avnet, Northern Tier Energy, and Swift Transportation.

With the multiple facades of business in Arizona, it’s no wonder why so many young entrepreneurs are looking to invest in the city called the Valley of the Sun.